Pirelli P-Zero Velo TT Tyre

Designed for breathtaking speed, while reducing both rolling resistance and aero drag, this is the fastest and most performing tyre in the P ZERO VELO  family. With Pirelli's patented SmartNET Silica® compound providing outstanding grip you can push this tyre in race conditions like no pther race tyre. Key Benefits The fastest of the range: 23mm profile to minimize aerodynamic drag force. Superior handling for extreme cornering. Best in category wet handling Extremely light - 23c just 165g! Technology Smartnet Silica Ideal Contour Shaping

Pirelli technology has long set the standard in the world of motorsports. P ZERO™ Velo brings our distinctive Italian design and engineering passion to cycling, with a clincher tyre that meets the highest Pirelli standards

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UPC 8019227290875
Brand Pirelli
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