Full Precision BikeFit Voucher

Full Precision BikeFit
A full precision BikeFit used by the Trek race team
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This follows the process used by the Trek race team. It takes about 120 minutes.

1. Initial interview: off the bike we …

  • Discuss the rider’s fitness, aims and goals
  • Capture sports history
  • Discuss injury history
  • We test for limitations in flexibility, core strength and other factors

Once we know what the rider wants to gain from a fit, we work from the ground up to make worthwhile changes where needed. 

2. Tailored bike setup: with rider on their bike we

Check and adjust

  • cleats positioning for optimum lateral and for/aft positioning
  • pedal stroke for stability adjustment
  • body position via seat height, stem position and other things to deliver
      • efficiency in pedal stroke
      • balanced centre of mass
      • comfort by being within the individual’s flexibility limits

The result is a better riding position tailored to meet what the rider wants, whether that is a more aerodynamic position, an end to back pain or simply to be more efficient on the bike. 

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Brand Bike UK
Discipline Commute, MTB, Road
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