Castelli Thermoflex Armwarmer

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The Thermoflex warmers concentrate on getting everything just right.
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The Thermoflex warmers concentrate on getting everything just right. The fabric is extra warm and stretchy, the fit eliminates any extra fabric, the silicone gripper at the top prevents the warmers from falling down, and the cross-wrap cuff at the bottom gives a touch of extra comfort.

Key Features:

Themoflex soft fleece fabric

Cross-wrap cuff at bottom

Leg warmer can be put on and taken off over shoes

Gripper elastic at top

Weight: 67g (Pair)

Castelli can trace its roots back to 1876 when Vittore Gianni founded his fine tailoring business. Through the years they have clothed both AC Milan and Juventus football teams and the Milan Ballet among others.

The iconic scorpion logo is a badge of quality and any product bearing the logo will have undergone a thorough R & D process. It will have been tested by some of the best riders in the world. Indeed, sponsorship of professional riders has been a company policy for decades and results in many garments becoming available to the public relatively quickly after appearing on the pros.

Castelli have been an innovator of cycling clothing over the years with many firsts which are now commonplace. Coloured shorts are just one example, right the way up to the latest Gabba foul weather gear and San Remo speedsuits.

More Information
Brand Castelli
Discipline Commute, Road
gender Male
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