Workshop Courses

No Prior Knowledge Required  |  Two hours  |  First Saturday of the month  |  £30/person

Learn from our qualified Shimano Service Centre mechanics the basics on how to get the best out of your bike and ride safely.  Session are in a small groups (max 4*) with no prior knowledge required.

Topics covered include:

  • What’s in my bag” - exploration of basic tools we'd recommend you carry when cycling
  • Bike Safety - how to inspect your bike using the easy to remember 'M-check' approach.
  • Ride Easy - cleaning and lubrication demonstration
  • Puncture Repair - hands on group activity
  • Q&A - your questions answered


The aim of our course is to share a lifetimes worth of riding knowledge with you so that looking after your bike isn’t a daunting chore but an enjoyable experience. Once complete, you can ride your bike and appreciate your own efforts in the way your bike rides.

Groups are small and friendly, 4 people maximum, with everyone wanting the same result ; to be able to carry our basic work on your bike. No question is too silly, and everything will be relevant to everyone. You will be taught by Stuart our Workshop Manager who is open, honest, approachable, transparent and most importantly non-patronising!

Realising that the cycling world is a place full of jargon, we will do our best to break down those barriers for you, because ultimately, it’s just a bike! The basics are just that, basic, and shouldn’t be intimidating.

We fully believe maintenance between services goes a long way to improving the way your bike rides. This undoubtedly will reduce the risk of mechanical failure and accidents and above all should keep the costs down when you get your next service done.

Courses are two hours and run on the first Saturday of the each month. Cost is £30 per person, with bookings available in store or by calling 0117 929 3500.

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